Hosted – Defensive Handgun 1

This class is designed to provide 
the shooter with the necessary base skills 
and tactics for fighting with a handgun.

Topics include:
-shooting on the move
-moving in shooting
-malfunction fixes under stress
-use of covering concealment 
-contextual use and operation 
of a handgun around dynamic environments
-micro managing of shooting skills, 
including manual of Operations, shooting fundamentals, 
accuracy and speed
-tactical use of a handgun in realistic environments
-use of angles, distance, psychology, opportunity

All draw stroke will be done from concealment or a duty holster

Gear list:
-Open mind
-working handgun of defensive caliber
-at least 3 working magazines
-holster (for that gun) and gun belt
-600 rounds, factory ammo
-eye and ear pro
-weather appropriate gear

No formal prior training is required, 
however it's expected the student has a base knowledge 
of how to apply marksmanship, basic operation of his handgun, 
and firearm safety.

Délka: 1 Day / 8-10 Hours

Cena: 120 EUR / 2900,-

Počet nábojů: 700

8.7.19, Pistol 1, Calvin Lim, EN

Hájíček, SK, 8.7.19

Obsazenost: 4 / 12

13.7.19, Pistol 1, Calvin Lim, EN

Karlovy Vary, CR, 13.7.19

Obsazenost: 2 / 12