Pistol Class D1

There is only few pistol classes 
taught in english during the year.
If you are interesting in attending, 
please shoot us a email:

Pistol class D1 is made for all of you that carry a concealed.
We will focus on skills and knowledge that you NEED to know.

Call me a radical if you want.
But I believe that if you carry concealed,
you should train draws from concealed carry.

Do you carry unloaded mags? Well of course not.
So we will have all mags loaded. All the time.

Do you carry a unloaded gun? Well I surely hope not.
Our guns will be loaded. All the time.

You try to figure out if the gun is loaded or unloaded
by pressing the trigger? Well.. It could be done better. Safer.

Techniquest which we will train are designed to prepare you for situation of 
physical, and psychological duress that occurs in defensive shooting.
Limited vision, lose of fine motor skills, lose of cognitive abilities… etc..

If you are not shooting 1000 rounds a month, from gun that you carry, 
with help of others to simulate you stressful and disruptive environment. 
You will suffer this limitations. LEO or not.

Part of this course if preparations for calling first responders.
To make sure you're not gonna slip something like 
" I'm the shooter. I'm the one who killed him. " 
And tips you can follow to prepare you for legal battle. 
Which is surely comming. And is more likely to be more stressful that the actuall fight.

Come in the same setup as you carry.
You will fight as you train. Train as you fight.
No drop leg holsters, IDPA OWB mag holders. Or $1000 range uniforms.
Leave that shit home.

What to bring:
- Semi-auto pistol. Concealed.
Preferably in hard holster. Kydex, and such.
If you want to drag your trusty revolver. You can. As a backup-gun.
(We can borrow you some piece. More likely in 9mm)

- Two spare magazines. That is three total.
If you don't have them. Let us know. We will lend you some.

- Eye and yer protection.
Electronic is highly recommended.
Peltor SportTac, about 130 USD
Howard light, about 70 USD

- 350 rounds minimum.
(We can get you that as well)

We will cover (One day / 8 hours):
- Draw from concealed carry.
- W.Y.A.T. protocol
- stopage – Dud, both hands
- stopage – Stove-pipe, both hands
- stopage – Double-feed

- Lunch – Lecture

- The most effective way to stop a man.
- Shooting from non standard positions
Kneeling, sitting, prone, feetal
- Shooting on the move – front to back
- Strong hand shooting
- Tueller drill

We have 100% money back guarantee to everyone who did not learn anything. 
Or is unhappy with received class for whatever reason.

We do possess official training licences.
So if you can claim tuition from your agency, 
please let us know to provide you with necessary documentation.



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